Book Launch: ‘Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change’


December 4 2019 18:30 – 20:00


European Parliament – Hemicycle

60 Rue Wiertz 1047 Bruxelles


The event is hosted by Tilly Metz (Greens/EFA), Eleonora Evi (Five Star Movement) and Anja Hazekamp (Party for the Animals).

It is co-organised by Animal Free Science and CAAT.


In the newly published book project ‘Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change‘(Brill open access), 51 international experts critically appraise current animal use in science, and they discuss innovative, human-relevant approaches to advance the life sciences and to accelerate the shift towards the replacement of animals in research, testing and education. On December 4th, we are bringing together several of the authors to walk you through some of the chapters of this collective work. The event will cover why and how to shift away from animal use in science, the politics and legislation of animal experimentation, the importance of human-focused research to improve drug safety, as well as recent developments in alternatives to animal testing. The book launch will close with a facilitated discussion on how to achieve the final goal of full replacement of animal experimentation.