Building back better: a roadmap to human relevant research in a post COVID-19 world


10 September 2020


Virtual Event


Cruelty Free Europe


The European Union’s recovery plans to build back better after the coronavirus crisis include ambitious proposals to reinforce research and innovation and kick-start the economy. Next Generation EU is an opportunity for Europe to once again become the global game-changer in replacing animal research with new approach methodologies and to be the world’s powerhouse in humane and human-relevant science. To do this will require a coordinated and ambitious pro-active strategy across and within the institutions of the EU, member states, industry and academia. If not now, when?

There is growing awareness of the limitations of animal research and its inability to make reliable predictions for humans. In recent years, the USA has come to dominate the cell-based and in-vitro toxicology markets.

Come and join a broad range of stakeholders from the EU and the US in this online conference to talk about the contribution new approach methodologies can make to delivering the EU Green Deal and to building back better all over the world; initiatives underway in Europe and North America to replace animal testing; what programmes like Horizon Europe can do to bring about a paradigm shift and how applying the logic of targets could be the important next step.